Cancellation policy

Cancellation of a reservation:

(1) A confirmed reservation can be changed/canceled up to 24 hours before the rental starts– free of charge.

(2) If a reservation is refused or canceled 24hours (or less) before pick-up, or in case of No-Show EasyRentBulgaria will not refund any of the down payments. In this case, the pre-paid amount can be used for the next booking.

(3) Online reservation can be canceled from the Customer, through these ways :

- section "My profile", choose the booking must be canceled, push the button 'Refuse";

- section "Claims and Assistance, fill the contact form ;

- send an email to [email protected] with mandatory noted the number and date of the reservation ;

- call us on phone number +359 700 50 700

(4) In case the vehicle is changed for another of the lower class, the difference in price will not be refunded.

(5) The company reserves its right to cancel a reservation due to the inability to submit the reserved vehicle (or the alternative), as in this case the Customer will be fully refunded with the down payment.

(6) EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to refuse a reservation at the moment of the pick-up of the vehicle at the discretion of the on-duty manager, as the client will be fully refunded for the pre-paid amount.

(7) Reservation and payment for extension of the rental period could be made through the website or in an office of EasyRentBulgaria at least one day in advance before the end of the rental period stated in the contract. The price of the rent depends on the extension period for the respective vehicle and it is calculated according to the current date price list and mandatory added „Full Protection“fee.

(7.1) The Renter does not have the right to drive a vehicle with expired, not renewed or unpaid rental contracts. In any of those cases, EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to declare the vehicle stolen by the Renter and to seek its rights under all legal remedies for reimbursement at the market price of the vehicle concerned, together with any lost profits caused by the Lessee.

(7.2) EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to refuse an extension order.