Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Unlimited mileage;
Road tax – vignette valid for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria;
Third-party liability insurance;
Substitute vehicle in case of a technical problem;
An additional driver;
Airport tax;
VAT 20%;

1. Requirements for the Lessee and the Lessee’s documents:

(1) The renter must present a valid driver’s license (international) and a blue coupon (for Bulgarian citizens), issued not less than three years before the rent day.

(2) The renter is obligated to present identity documents (ID or passport, credit card, valid until the end of the rental period).

(3) The minimal age to hire a vehicle is 21 years.

(4)Renters between 18 and 21 should pay:

- „Young driver“ surcharge, which comes to 5 EUR per day;

- „Full Protection“fee, according to the class of the vehicle;

- a double deposit, according to the class of the vehicle.

(5)Luxury class and SUV vehicles can only be hired by people over 25 years old and over 3 years of driving experience.

2.Car rental period

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

For extension of the rental period with a few hours, the price for a one-day rental will be charged.

3.Delays and penalties

(1) Delay under one hour will not be charged.

(2) In the event of a delay in returning the vehicle at the agreed time specified in the rental agreement, the Lessee owes a penalty as follows:

from 1 to 6 hours of delay – a full price of one rental day, according to the current price list of the day;
over 6 hours to 24 hours delay – the price of two full rental days, according to the current price list of the day;
over 24 hours delay – the company reserves the right to keep the deposit, as well as 100 EUR penalty for each day delay.
4. Payment methods and deposit:

(1) An online reservation can be paid by credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard), PayPal or bank transfer;

(2) At the time of pick up, the Renter must leave a deposit by credit card (Visa/MasterCard), issued on his name;

(2.1) The procedure of the blocking of the deposit (authorization) and its release (authorization cancelation) is as follows:

✔ At the time of pick up of the vehicle, the sum of the deposit is being blocked on the credit card of the Renter and it is being released (unblocked) after a full check of the state of the returned vehicle and unestablished violations.

✔ In case of loss or the Renter failed to present the authorization receipt, the deposit will be automatically released from the bank in not less than 20 working days.

(2.2) Deposits in cash or debit card are accepted only in case of paid “Full Protection” fee by the Renter.

(2.3) The deposits vary depending on the vehicle class, It varies from 200 EUR to 2000 EUR.

Upon did not pay the „Full Protection“ fee the deposit is double!

5. „Full Protection “ fee:

The „Full Protection“ fee is not mandatory except for the points 1(4), 9(5) and 12(4), as its value depends on the vehicle class and by purchasing it you benefit from:

✔ Free roadside assistance on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

✔ Frees the Client from liability in the event of damage or failure on the undercarriage of the vehicle, as well as damages acquired at the event of traffic accident under the conditions in point 5.1;

✔ In case of fire, damage or theft, a replacement vehicle is provided;

✔ Frees the Client from the administrative fee in a case on an accident;

(1) Valid under the following conditions:

(1.1) In the event of a damage/scratches or traffic accident, there will be presented a protocol by the Police authorities, otherwise, the full price for recovering the damages must be paid, plus the days this vehicle cannot be rented due to being repaired;

(1.2) In case of theft/fire or total damage, the Client had presented all required documents from Traffic Police, otherwise, the Client is responsible with the full amount of the insured value of the vehicle;

(1.3) Traffic rules of the Republic of Bulgaria have been met, with no established use of alcohol, drugs, and speeding;

(1.4) The vehicle has not been provided to another person, unauthorized and not registered in the contract by the Lessor

(2) Not covered:

(2.1) The "Full Protection" does not free the customer from liability for damage to the vehicle interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, lining rack, etc.), also damages of the wheels, rims, tires and windows.

(2.2) Lost documents, keys, registration number plate of the vehicle.

(2.3) Missing parts of the vehicle such as CD player, lighter, wheel rims, GPS navigation device, 4G Wi-Fi internet device, headlights, antenna, etc.

(2.4) In case of vandalism due to forgotten or left on purpose belongings by the Renter;

(2.5) Exhausted battery and broken or flat tire;

6. Fuel

The vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel and should be returned full. In case the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the client will be charged a fine of 10 EUR and 1.5 EUR per liter to a full tank.

7.Equipment and accessories:

It applies additional fees per day according to the current price list in the offices of EasyRentBulgaria or the price list stated on the website.

8.Guaranteeing a car class

EasyRent Bulgaria does not guarantee a specific brand or model of vehicle. We guarantee for providing a vehicle of the same class, size, number of doors and number of seats. In case the reserved car is not available at the date of pick-up, the client will receive a higher class vehicle without extra costs.

9.Crossing borders:

Crossing borders is possible for the neighboring countries of Bulgaria and some other countries upon prior request and approval by EasyRentBulgaria.

(1) The minimal rental period with an option for traveling abroad is 7 days;

(2) The renter is obligated to provide information about the countries he wishes to travel to 3 days prior to pick-up. Some countries are not allowed;

(3) Once, an additional fee between 50€ and 60€ applies, and every next country will be 20.00€;

(4) A double deposit is also required depending on the vehicle class;

(5) The „ Full Protection“ fee is mandatory!

!!! Going abroad is possible only and entirely with the explicit permission of EasyRent Bulgaria. Any attempt to leave the country without permission will be charged as a violation of the Terms&Conditions of the company with deposit amount!!!

10.Rent a car out of business hours:

Our offices at Sofia Airport, Varna Airport, and Burgas Airport are working NON-STOP (24/7) NO extra FEE for out of working hours!
For all other locations the renter might be charged 20 EUR for each (pick up/drop off);
11.Drop-off /One-way rentals:

(1) One way rentals:

- The drop off of the vehicle in a different from its pick up location is possible only by the preliminary approval from EasyRentBulgaria.

- If the rented vehicle is returned in a different form the pick-up location (different city or an office of the company), there will be an additional charge.

The prices are stated in the „deliveries“section on the web page!

- Easy Rent Bulgaria reserves the right to refuse a reservation with multiple locations for receiving and returning the car, as the amount paid will be refunded in full to the customer!

(2) Deliveries – All of our offices are located in airport zones and we do not make any deliveries to an address!

12.Terms of cancellation / change / extension of a reservation:

(1) Cancellation of a reservation:

(1.1) A confirmed reservation can be changed/canceled up to 24 hours before the rental starts– free of charge. If an online pre-paid rental is canceled by the client during Pandemic time (COVID-19), the paid amount will be restored in the wallet in your Profil and will be used for next booking.

(1.2) If a reservation is refused or canceled 24hours (or less) before pick-up, or in case of No-Show EasyRentBulgaria will not refund any of the down payments.

(2) In case the vehicle is changed for another of the lower class, the difference in price will not be refunded.

(3) Upon return of the car by the Lessee earlier than the pre-ordered rental period, EasyRentBulgaria does not refund any amount for the unused time.

(4) The company reserves its right to cancel a reservation due to the inability to submit the reserved vehicle (or the alternative), as in this case the Customer will be fully refunded with the down payment.

(5) EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to refuse a reservation at the moment of the pick-up of the vehicle at the discretion of the on-duty manager, as the client will be fully refunded for the pre-paid amount.

(6) Reservation and payment for extension of the rental period could be made through the website or in an office of EasyRentBulgaria at least one day in advance before the end of the rental period stated in the contract. The price of the rent depends on the extension period for the respective vehicle and it is calculated according to the current date price list and mandatory added „Full Protection“fee.

(6.1) The Renter does not have the right to drive a vehicle with expired, not renewed or unpaid rental contracts. In any of those cases, EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to declare the vehicle stolen by the Renter and to seek its rights under all legal remedies for reimbursement at the market price of the vehicle concerned, together with any lost profits caused by the Lessee.

(6.2) EasyRentBulgaria reserves the right to refuse an extension order.

13.Additional provisions and penalties.

(1) Smoking in vehicles is PROHIBITED! In the presence of ashes, cigarette butts or cigarette smell, the Lessee owes a penalty and is responsible with the amount of the deposit!

(2) No PETS are allowed. The presence of fur, as well as the return of the vehicle in a very dirty condition, entitles the Company to impose a penalty on the Lessee in the amount of the deposit!

(3) It is forbidden to use the vehicle for towing another vehicle or trailer, for competitive purposes, sporting events, training, drills, tests, transport of bulk or other cargo, driving on unpaved roads (off-road). In case of breach of any of these conditions, the Lessee owes a penalty to the amount of the deposit + any additional costs incurred to remedy the malfunctions/damages (if any)!

(4) In the event that an access ticket and/or public parking card at Sofia, Varna and Bourgas Airport is lost, the renter is liable to pay a penalty of BGN 100.00.

(5) Lost documents, keys, registration plate of the vehicle are charged with the deposit amount + rent for each passing day until the restoration of each shortage;

(6) Missing car parts such as CD, lighter, rims, GPS navigation, 4G Wi-Fi internet, headlamps, antenna, etc. are charged on the official price list available in the offices of EasyRentBulgaria.

(7) The renter is fully responsible for any damage to the lower part of the vehicle as well as interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, rack linings, etc.) as well as in case of cracked or damaged tires, rims, hubs or windows.

(8) All fines, acts and other sanctions obtained in case of violation of the Road Traffic Act in Bulgaria are paid by the Lessee + EUR 30 Administrative Fee.

(9) It is MANDATORY to drive with turned on headlights at all times!

(10) When leaving the vehicle, you MUST ALWAYS turn off lights, headlights, radio and DO NOT leave the vehicle documents inside it!

(11) The Lessee is not entitled to provide the vehicle to a person not authorized and not registered in the lease by the Lessor;

(12) The Lessee is not entitled to make repairs to the vehicle unauthorized by the Lessor;

(13) All outstanding disputes arising under the General Conditions of the Lease Agreement are governed by the Bulgarian Law of the Republic of Bulgaria.

14.Protection of personal data:

EasyRent Bulgaria respects your Right of Confidentiality and guarantees that all data and personal details you provide stay confidential.
We only collect your data when you make a reservation online on our website. When you are booking a vehicle, you may be asked to fill in your: name, phone number, address, e-mail address, credit/debit card details.
The personal details you provide might be used for:

- executing your order
- Feedback service improvement
- responding to your requests
- email correspondence
- at the request of control authorities (Traffic Police, Interior Ministry, Prosecutor's Office, etc.) for the establishment, investigation or prevention of a fine, crash, theft, fraud, etc.

Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties unless it is required for the purposes of delivering the vehicle which you have reserved.
We may also use your data in order to check the reservation or to detect and prevent fraud. One of the reasons why we can reveal your address would be because of a security warning or another scheme to prevent fraud. However,
your private data will be secured under any circumstances.

15. Card data security:
For your protection, for reservation payments with Visa or MasterCard, we use the best international security programs for card payment transfers:

- Reliable security with SSL connection between our server and the payment processing server.
- Verification of the bank card using CVV code.
- Additionally, to confirm you as a legitimate cardholder, our payment server supports authentication requirements of Visa and MasterCard – Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, in case you are registered user of the system.

Last update 04/01/2022